Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
Who Is Favored To Win The Next US Presidential Election

The pandemic restricting everyone to their homes has gotten us all glued to the TV or social media for news. Along with the pandemic, one of the most raging topics when it comes to current affairs is the US presidential elections. US being one of the biggest economies in the world is a major pillar of global economy. The economy of country is greatly influenced by the people in power. For a powerhouse like the US, politics is essential not only for itself but also for its allies and enemies.

The US has seen a lot of turmoil in the last few days. Issues relating to the constant rise of coronavirus cases in the country and the George Floyd tragedy has resulted in a lot of public outrage and rightly so. People have taken to the streets and continue to do so to show their solidarity with the right causes.

As much as it has brought the people of US together for a nobler cause, it has also caused an uncomfortable feeling of unrest among the masses towards the presiding government. What do the 2020 elections hold for the people of the United States? Only the people of United States can answer.

US Presidential Election

The reason why this year’s election is so intriguing for everyone is because of the two opponents that are standing against each other. The two opponents are Joe Biden and the present president of the United States of America, both representing the republican and democratic parties respectively. These two parties have been clashing since ages due to their differing ideologies and still continue to do till this date.

Now that we know about the opponents, let us discuss their chances of winning the 2020 elections.

Beginning with the present president the US it can be said that his chances of winning the elections seemed pretty good at the beginning of this year as compared to the present days. With the rising unrest in US, the support for Trump in the recent days has dampened. This decline has favoured the democratic representative, Joe Biden greatly.

Joe Biden on the other hand seems to have an edge when it comes to the 2020 presidential elections. With Indian origin Kamala Harris on his side as vice president, Joe Biden is all set to take the 2020 elections by storm due to good representation.

Kanye West, the famous rapper is also a contender but his chances of winning the elections are quite bleak as compared to the other two  parties. Conclusively, the US elections have always been and will always be of a very volatile and changing nature. History is witness of how the US elections can turn from favourable to unfavourable or vice versa to a contender in a matter of a few months. All we can do for now is to rightly cast our vote and then wait and wish for the best party to win.