Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

The Office is one of the most valued sitcoms available on OTT platforms for viewers willing to binge-watch a satirical comedy. The series comprises certain hilarious episodes that are meant to make the audience laugh harder and harder. Apart from that, it is also a satire, stressing the importance of office culture. However, with so much going on in this sitcom, certain things keep us in awe.

For all the viewers out there, how much do you rank yourself in the office quiz? Are you aware of some of the basic facts about this sitcom? If not, let’s rediscover some of the most amazing answers to questions unanswered about ‘’The Office’’.

Know more about the office:

A recent poll survey brings out the result that viewers were interested to know about the location of the sitcom and other factors like total set cost, the actual nature of the characters, etc. Based on the poll, here are some of the most requested questions answered for you:

  1. Did you know that the Office was shot in California, San Francisco? The majority of the scenes that you see in this sitcom are from this vibrant city. The spots are all tourist attractions. Although many believe that the show was shot in Scranton, this is not true. The makers of this sitcom have also stated that the filming site was in California. You can see all the major characters taking a walk and enjoying the scenery in California. However, the opening scene does have Scranton in the background, but this isn’t true for the whole sitcom.
  2. Another interesting factor about this sitcom is that the real wife of Michael Scott was cast as the realtor? If you remember the realtor Carol, she is the actual wife of Steve Carell, the one who portrayed the character of Michael Scott. It is amazing to see both the characters bonding together in this sitcom. The couple beautifully pulled it off in the set and brightened up the whole atmosphere of the office.

Many also believe that the office was an adaption of an English drama. Although the facts cannot be termed as completely true. However, this American sitcom became one of the greatest hits and is still viewed as a great satirical comedy by both viewers and critics. It is a popular show even today!