Sat. Feb 27th, 2021
The Benefits Of Brexit For England

One of the most important and earth shattering incidences to happen in the history of Britain and the world is the Brexit. As it is still one of the most raging topic in current affairs, you would have to be living under a rock to not have heard about it at least once in the recent news.

As shocking as it may have been to some, this was bound to happen as there were lots of problems brewing since a long time. On 23rd June 2016, about 52% of the people had voted for Britain to withdraw themselves from the UK. This resulted in what may be considered to be the biggest political dilemmas in the history of humanity. Till this date, people are divided on this topic and continue to list down the pros or the cons according to how it would benefit their side.

Brexit For England

When it comes to Brexit, here may be a few cons considering the present global economic and political situation. However, it would be wrong to not consider the pros before we take a stand in the situation. In order to make sure we stand up for what’s right, let us consider few pros if the Brexit is successful.

  1. Sovereignty: The Brexit would bring along a huge wave of independence to Britain. Being a member of the EU may have many benefits but it also includes compromising on some aspects which according to some pro brexiteers, Britain can do without.
  2. Jobs: According to pro-EU individuals a substantial portion of the jobs in Britain arise out of it connections with the EU and its exit would result in loss of millions of jobs. However, according to some experts who favour the Brexit, Britain is self-sufficient and the Brexit will eventually do more good than harm to the job industry in Britain.
  3. Membership fee: according to some pro- brexiteers, withdrawing from the EU would result in massive cost savings to Britain. To be a part of the EU, the members have to pay substantial membership fee. In 2016, Britain paid in £13.1bn which is more than substantial and if Britain would withdraw their membership, it could save up on a lot funds which may be utilised in other important fields.

Conclusively, the topic of Brexit may be very controversial as people have diverse opinions regarding the subject. However we should remember to not let this difference in opinion get in the way of our well being and support a cause that is for the greater good of everyone.