Sat. Feb 27th, 2021
Role Of United Nations In World Peace

The United Nations was established in 1945 to replace the former League of Nations to end war between the nations and establish peace and well-being globally. Cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress and human rights are among the many objectives behind the formation of the UN. The UN was founded after the World War 2 to replenish all that was lost in the war.

The UN plays a great role in establishing and maintaining world peace. After the devastating war that shattered the world and left it in ruins, many nations came together took up an oath to maintain world peace and protect the future generations from all kinds of war by sorting out any differences and misunderstandings with grace and compassion instead of war.

Security Council:

The Security Council is the primary organ of the UN. Since many years, the Security Council has helped immensely in establishing peace among conflicting parties. Usually, the Security Council first appeals the parties to sort their matters peacefully. However, many a times when the issues have gone beyond repair, the general assembly steps in and intervenes to lay down a limit so that both the countries don’t get involved in any unfair practices.

Role Of United Nations

General assembly:

It is the general Assembly’s responsibility to guide the nations by recommending general principles and guidelines that will propagate peace among the nations in time of conflict.

Secretary General:

The Secretary General is an unbiased individual that can bring to the attention of the security council pressing matters that need immediate resolving.

Conflict prevention:

To help prevent any kind of conflict or resolve the existing ones, the UN uses two kinds of major strategies namely: preventive diplomacy and preventive disarmament. Preventive diplomacy is when Envoys of the UN are scattered all across the world and they take the responsibility of detecting any early signs of conflict and help resolve it before something serious happens.

When it comes to preventive disarmament, the UN scatters combat forces to reduce the number of small arms in conflict prone regions. According to the UN, destroying yesterday’s weapons prevents their use in tomorrow’s wars.

Conclusively, these are only few of the many responsibilities the UN takes to make sure the world we live in is one that is peaceful and harmonious. The UN has always fought and continues to fight against atrocities against human beings. With its representatives scattered across the world, the UN has indeed stood up to all its claims of maintaining world peace.