Sat. Feb 27th, 2021

VR or virtual reality is an immersive experience that is similar to the real world. This technology is being actively employed in different sectors of entertainment to provide the user with a better experience. It is not only limited to the entertainment sector but VR technology is also beneficial for the educational sector. It provides a better and more immersive learning experience.

One such sector where VR technology is being used is podcasting. With a VRselector podcast, you will be allowing the audience to share the live recording of the podcast with you! The audience will be able to engage actively in the stories you share. VR podcasting allows you to interact live with people. It will turn your podcast into a conversation and an interactive narrative.

Virtual reality creates an ultimate immersive experience, where everyone is included. This creates a sense of conversing with someone in real life and you will feel their physical presence in the room with you, hence the term virtual reality! VR can achieve this level of reality by focusing on the basic needs of immersion that are visual quality, sound quality, and interactions.

How VR works?

The main object of VR is to simulate a vision of the real world. It achieves this by creating a 3-D environment. A VR headset comes with one or two screens attached to it that covers over eyes. Everything we see on that screen looks real and feels like we are in the real world, but in reality, it is virtual reality. These computerized simulations are so real that you will feel like you are in the same room with someone even if that person is on the other side of the world!

Advantages of VR:

There are many VRselector podcasts about up and coming technologies, education, entertainment, healthcare, etc. There are podcasts about everything that you can listen to, to develop your mind. VR enables you to have a better learning experience. Some of the many advantages of VR podcasts are:

  • Podcasting was a one-way conversation until virtual reality technology came into play. Now you can be a part of your favorite podcast and have a more immersive experience. You can listen to your favorite host, sit next to them, and walk around them. All in a virtual reality of course, but it is very exciting!
  • You can listen to world leaders of education, technology, government, gaming, and many more sectors and be a part of the conversation. It helps you better understand the topic and it will help you learn more.
  • During this pandemic, when you could not see anyone for days, VR made connecting people easier. You could be miles apart from someone and still feel their presence in the room via VR. It creates transparency and turns a virtual conversation into reality.