Fri. Feb 26th, 2021
Current Political Scenario In England

Politics as we know is one of the most important pillars on which the country stands. It is very evident that all other aspects of the country like economy, agriculture etc. is largely dependent on the kind of leadership and government that is present in the country. A conflicting political situation will guarantee the eventual downfall of the country.

When we talk about political conditions, of places all across the world, one seems to grab our attention particularly. Yes, as the title of this article suggests it is England that we are talking about. To know why the political conditions of England are intriguing to the politically inclined all across the world, read on.

The reason why the political scenario of England is so important is because it is one of the most populous than all other countries in United Kingdom and accounts for a major portion of the United kingdoms’ GDP.

You would have to be living under the rock to not know why England has been the centre of attention in global news. Recently, Britain was a rage in current affairs when it took the decision to withdraw its membership from the European Union. Even if the decision is pending, there is still a lot of conflict regarding its finalisation. Some experts think that this isn’t the right time to withdraw from the EU considering the present economic conditions due to the raging global pandemic. However, some people are pro brexit and support the cause as they believe it is for the greater good of Britain.

Political Scenario In England

Due to this, the various parties in parliament are at conflict as a result of which the entire political condition not only in England but in the entirety of UK may seem a little shaky to the rest of the world. However, it would be wrong to say that they aren’t handling it well.

Considering the on-going pandemic that has taken the world by shock, it isn’t surprising that the economy isn’t doing as well as it should be doing. However, this is a problem the entire world is facing and not just England alone. Given the unsure nature of Brexit happening, the political scenario may seem a bit unsettling.

All the negotiations which were being carried on before the pandemic have been postponed indefinitely and this has been adding to the confusion in the government.

Including this many experts say that the unrest in the political conditions in England is because of the lack of young leadership in the parliament. Maybe after the pandemic is over, we can see a few new faces in the government. This would bring about a wave of modernism to the existing parliament which will also accompany a little clarity on the present situation and favour England massively.

Conclusively, it may said that even though the political situation of England seems conflicting, we may be sure of seeing better days in the future if the existing government manages to take good decisions and accepts new faces in the parliament.