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Members of the Order of Saint Barnabas

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St. Barnabas, the "Son of Encouragement" is the namesake of the Order of Honour in the Dominion of British West Florida. We first meet Saint Barnabas in chapter 4 of the New Testament's Acts of the Apostles and then repeatedly in later chapters, as the story of these acts unfolds. He was a Jewish Levite (assistant to the priests) of Cyprus and became one of the earliest Christian disciples at Jerusalem. His original name was Joseph, but he was renamed Barnabas by the Apostles because Luke interpreted the word Barnabas as 'son of encouragement'. One of the first recorded acts of St. Barnabas was to sell some of his property, and use the proceeds to provide support for the Church. Thus we see that Barnabas was an encouragement in deeds as well as in words. Those appointed to the Order of Saint Barnabas also display this encouragement in both deeds and words. The title Grand Commander in the Order of Saint Barnabas is the highest chivalry honour Her Majesty's Government in and for the Dominion of British West Florida can bestow on a living person in the name of Her Majesty.

The Order of Saint Barnabas has the following levels: Sovereign: Her Majesty Elizabeth II

Grand Commander: His Grace, Robert Duke of Florida; The Most Honourable Bo Register, Marquess of Mobile

Knight Commander: Those who have earned the Dominion's highest recognition.

Knight: Those whose encouragement and support of the Dominion is worthy of special recognition.

Member: Persons whose encouragement of the Dominion of British West Florida are worthy of official recognition.

The Sovereign needs no post nominal letters, the Grand Commander of the order of Saint Barnabas is entitled to the post nominal GSB. The Knight Commanders in the Order use the post nominal CSB, Knights of Saint Barnabas use KSB, and Members in ordinary use OSB.

Members of the Order of Saint Barnabas come from all walks of life, and have contributed to the good of Her Majesty's Realm in many ways. Some of those enrolled have helped to spread the fame of the Dominion throughout the world. Others have contributed directly to the lives of those suffering from the ravages of Hurricanes. Yet others have brought the gospel of Christ, and shown His love to those suffering from the ravages of an economic system divorced from concern for one's neighbour.

Many of the Members are surprised that their contributions are so recognized. Like most heroes, they don't think of themselves as especially heroic. They protest that are simply doing what they must do. It is this 'Just doing what should be done' attitude that makes their contributions all the more worthy of notice.

The Members of the Order of Saint Barnabas, with the date of Induction:

   Member's Name   
Member's Occupation
   Date Enrolled   
The Lady Amaretta KR Robertson
Baroness of Orleans
12 July 2006
Paul James
Heraldric Designer and Columnist
15 September 2006
Bridget Blair
Commissioning Agent, Editor, and Columnist
1 November 2006
John Ryan
Author and Columnist
1 November 2006
The Rt. Hon. James Alcock
Author, Privy Councillor, and President of the UCS
20 April 2007
Michael Boyd>
Queen's Council (Qualified)
9 June 2008
Jacqueline Jones-Soule>
Director Jeremiah Group
9 June 2008
Rev. Gilbert Scie
Pastor, Director - Mercy Corps
9 June 2008
William F. Stallworth
Businessman, Councillor (City of Biloxi)
9 June 2008
Maj. Gen. Douglas O'Dell
Director Gulf Coast Recovery
9 June 2008
Dennis W. Corbett
Imperator, Imperium of DeWaCo Estates
9 June 2008
Theodore Harvey
Celloist, Monarchist Forum Master
9 June 2008
Frank Lay
Principal, Pace High School
11 June 2010
Mary Gunter
Charwoman, Institute for School Innovation
11 June 2010

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