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'Cinderella Stamps' Landscape and Queen Series

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Almost all subjects chosen to appear on Dominion of British West Florida stamps and stationary are suggested by the public at large. Each year Floridians submit proposals to the Stamps and Stationary Committee on literally hundreds of different topics. Every stamp suggestion is considered, regardless of who makes it or how it is presented.

On behalf of the Governor-General, the House of Lords Select Committee on Stamps and Stationary is tasked with evaluating the merits of all stamp proposals. The Committtee provides the Postal Service with a 'breadth of judgement and depth of experience in various areas that influence subject matter, character, and beauty of postage stamps."

The Committee's primary goal is to select subjects for recommendation to the Governor-General that are both interesting and educational. Stamp selections are made with all psotal customers in mind, not just stamp collectors. A good mix of subjects, both interesting and educational is essential.

Committe members are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the Chairman of the Committee, who is in turn appointed by the House of Lords. The Committee is composed of members whose backgrounds reflect a wide range of educational, artisitic, historical, and professional expertise. All share an interest in philately and the needs of the mailing public. The Committee has no staff.

The Committee ensures that all artwork and designs for stamp subjects have stood the test of time, are consistent with the public opinion and laws of the Dominion, and have broad national interest.

Lanscape_and_Queen Beaches Stamp
The Beach is the first in our new collectors series: Landscape and Queen

Bo Register, Marquess of Mobile, Baron Von Servers of Fayette is the current Chaiman of the House of Lords Select Committee on Stamps and Stationary.

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