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The Governor-General is assisted by a Council of State, the House of Lords for West Florida, the House of Commons for West Florida, and Certain Appointed Ministers.

The Council of State functions as a private councel for the Duke, providing advise on a wide range of subjects. The Council serves at the Governor-General's Pleasure.

Certain Ministers are Appointed by the Governor-General to provide the day-to-day oversight and operation of certain Governmental Functions. At present the Governor-General has appointed Thomas Breckenridge to the post of Solicitor-General. John Houston has been appointed to the post of Lord Marshall. The office of Surgeon-General is curently held by Baron Bela Vajay de Vaja, Viscount Chattahoochee.

The House of Lords appoints Select Committees to work on issues related to governmental activities. These committees and then provide oversight for the activites entrusted to their care. Often a Select Committee's recommendatons are approved by the Parliament with out debate or objection. The Chair of a House of Lords Select Committee is a very powerful person in their sphere of influence. Most of the Governor-General's selections for ministers are, in fact, the Chairs of the relevant Select Committee.

Foreign Relations

The Lord Kevin Dobson, Baron of the Gulf is Chairman of the Lord's Select Comittee on Foreign Relations. The Select Committee on Foreign Relations is charged with managing and monitoring the course of the Dominion's Foreign Policy, especially as it relates to mutual recognition treaties.

Stationary and Stamps

The Lord Bo, Baron Von Servers is the Chairman of the Lords' Select Committee on Stationary and Stamps, and oversees the Dominion's Official communications, both print and electronic.

Veterinarians and Animal Care

The Lady Amaretta, Baroness of Orleans is Chairlady of the Lords' Select Committee on Licensure of Veterinarians and Animal Care. She functions as Minister of Agriculture.

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