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a Picture of the coat of arms of the Dominion of British West Florida
The National Coat of Arms reflects or British Heritage. It retains the symbols of Her Majesty's "Home Countries" of England, Scotland, and (Northern) Ireland, while adding the Pegasus of the Dominion. The English Lion and the West Florida Pegasus are its Supporters. The words on the Scroll at the base of the Shield and under the Supporters translate to "God and My Right". This reflects the basis of our culture: God, and the Rights of Man must be the firm ground on which the support of our Government stands.

The formal blazon of the arms is as follows:
Arms (shield)
Quarterly of six, three by two.
1. Gules, three Lions passant guardant in pale Or;
2. Or, a Lion rampant within a Double Tressure flory counter-flory Gules;
3. Azure, a Harp Or, Stringed Argent;
4. Gules, a Pegasus forene' Or;
5. Azure three Fleu-de-Lys Or, impaling Gules, a Tower triple-towered Or;
6. Azure, a drum proper between two Arrows palewise Or, impaling Vert, a Lion Passant Or and on chief wavy Sable a rising Sun Gold.
The Whole of the Shield encircled by the riband of the Order of St. Barnabas, with a Grand Commander's badge pendant.

On a royal helm mantling Or lined Ermine, the Royal Crown proper, thereon a Pegasus Argent, winged, crined, an unguled Or. (On the simpler version of the arms, the Royal Crown alone is used, without the helm, mantling or crest.)

Dexter: A Lion rampant Or;
Sinister: A Pegasus Argent, armed, crined, and unguled Or, and gorged with a coronet, a chain affixed thereto passing between the forelegs, and reflexed over the back Gold.

Dieu et mon Droit - God, and my Right

The Chairman of the Lord's Select Committee on Heraldry and Arms originally functioned as the Dominion's King of Arms. The Chairman or his appointed aid designs and recommends all blazons for the Dominion of British West Florida.

Lord Jon-Lawrence, Baron Baldwin was the Chairman of the House of Lords Select Committee on Heraldry and Arms (2006-2008).

Lord Baldwin has prepared or registered arms for the following persons and chartered organizations:
Bo Register, Marquess of Mobile, Baron Von Servers of Fayette.
Eric Ball, Earl of Rum, Grand Duke of Elsanore.
Nita Gaylene Register, Countess of Louisiana (the Earldom and the Viscountcy).
Baron Bela Vajay de Vaja, the Surgeon General.
John Houston, the Lord Marshall.
Thomas Brekenridge, Solicitor-General.
Elizabeth Gay, Baroness East Baton Rouge.
George Harrison, Baron George.
Lady Windflower, Baroness de la Bay.

Royal Military Academy
British West Florida Media Company

Additionally the Baron Baldwin registered Arms in Courtesy for Foreign Entities:
The Kingdom of Barule

Picture of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the Dominion of British West FloridaHer Majesty, Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Dominion of British West Florida, and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, has not yet granted our Petition, nor authorized this web site.