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The Law Lord Guy Drury, Solicitor-General of the Dominion of British West Florida.

"I chose not to reveal any personal information about myself. The office is much more important than the person holding it."

My philosophy is simple: Practical skill outweighs raw knowledge, and application transcend erudition. If my goal were to produce personal fame, the tenets might be exactly the opposite. Our goal is to produce exceptional Justice not exceptional lawyers. That's why I emphasize the core competencies of legal practice: research, writing and persuasion.

The Dominion of British West Florida is just now awaking to it responsibilities as a Sovereign Realm of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. I have undertaken to guide the Courts in the formation of a body of precedent that can be used by future generations of Floridians to protect themselves, their families, and our shared institutions from the predations of lawless men.

We have been handed a great heritage as Freemen and Subjects of the Crown. But just as a garden, no matter how great, must be constantly tended to keep the weeds and brambles in check, we must constantly work to maintain our Heritage, so that it may be passed down to the next generations as beautiful as it was when we received it.

Let us each and every one then, as God gives us the Courage and Strength, work to build this great Nation.

The Solicitor General is charged with Preparation and Review of all the Dominions Legal Documents.

The Solicitor General in some ways combines the duties of a Minister of State and an Attorney-General.

The Solicitor General's office Prosecutes all Crimes against the Dominion. These include Treason, Counterfeiting and all High Crimes

The Solicitor General also Drafts or Reviews all Treaties. The Solicitor General is Zealous to Gard and Defend the Dominion in its Legal Relations with other Nations, Tribes, and Peoples.

The Solicitor General is a member of the Privy Council.

Arms of the  Former Solicitor GeneralThe Arms of the Former Solicitor General, Thomas Breckenridge were designed by the Lord Jon Lawrence, Baron Baldwin. Baron Baldwin's design pays respect to the Solicitor General's Intrests in life: the Law and his Garden.