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The Lord Marshall is charged with ensuring Order with the House of Lords.

The Lord Marshall has served the United States as a member of the United States Air Force, the State of Florida as guard (eventully promoted to Lt.) at the State Prision, and now serves the Dominion with the same dedication.

John Houston, born 8 April 1935 has dedicated his life to the defence of Liberty and the cause of Justice. Like many other sons born to rural southerners during the great depression, the future Lord Marshall learned early the value of hard work, the need to work together, and that the warmth of a loving home overcomes the cold of the sometimes cruel world outside our doors..

As soon as he was able, and the family able to do without his contributions on the family farm, he joined the US Military. The armed services of the United States was a difficult choice for a son of the South, but he quickly found that the service was a meritocracy, where one was prompted (mostly) according to ability and effort, where the values of hard work and team play were reworded, and were discipline was firm but fair.

Many people retire after a career in the United States Military. John Houston did not. Upon his retirement from the military, he entered a new phase in his life and began his second career - as a Correctional Officer in the State Justice System. He started as 'guard' but rose to 'LT' incharge of a cell block at the State Prision near Raiford.

Not content to retire (again!) when he reached the end of his tour within the State's Department of Law Enforecement, he accepted appointment as the Dominion's Lord Marshall in 1994.

The Lord Marshall has of late had to curtail his duty schedule do to failing health.

Arms of the Lord MarshallThe very modern Arms of the Lord Marshall, designed by the Baron Baldwin, and depicted by 'Paul', reflect his background, achievemets, and his focus on the Future. The colours incorporate those of the Union Jack, a synbol of continuity held in high respect by the Lord Marshall.