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British Peerage in West Florida

The Peers of the Dominion of British West Florida are:

The Barontage
Lord Bo, Baron Von Servers for the Barony Fayette
Lady Amaretta K. R. Robertson, Baroness Orleans,
Lady Elizabeth Gay Register, Baroness East Baton Rouge,
Lord Geroge Harrison, Baron George,
Lord Jon-Lawrence, Baron Baldwin,
Lord Hayden Kaufman, Baron Edward,
Lady Windflower, Baroness de la Bay,
Lord Kevin Dobson, Esquire, Baron of the Gulf,
Lord David W. Bustillos, Baron West Feliciana,

The Viscountices
Lord Baron Bela Vajay de Vaja, Viscount Chattahoochee    (Edward and Fayette)

The Earldoms
Lord Eric Ball, Earl Rum; Grand Duke of Elsanor:   (Jackson and Baldwin)
Lady Nita Gaylene, Countess Louisiana    (Orleans and East Baton Rouge)

The Marquessates
The Most Honourable Bo Register (Mobile and Escambia, and all the Islands of the Gulf)

His Grace, the Duke
His Grace, Robert Duke of Florida.

The Appointed Lords
Guy Drury, the Solicitor General
John Houston, the Lord Marshall
Baron Bela Vajay de Vaja, the Surgeon-General

The Lords Spiritual have never taken their Seats in the House of Lords
The Rt. Rev. Philip M. Duncan II, Anglican Bishop of the Dioses of the Central Gulf Coast
The Rev. Hayes Wicker, President of the Florida Baptist Convention
Archbishop Oscar Hugh Lipscomb, Catholic Archbishop of Mobile

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