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The House of Commons is the lower house of the Parliament of British West Florida. Parliament also includes the Governor-General and the the upper house, the House of Lords. The House of Commons has 90 members. The House of Commons is an elected body, consisting of the Members from three groups. Each County or Barony elects one member, this forms the 'County' or 'Barony' group. The second group, the members at large, are the top 30 vote receipts in the 'general election'. The final group, the 'area members' group are the top two vote receipts in each of the 'civitas' areas (two from each Earldom, Viscounty, and the March of Mobile). A list of the Baronies, Viscounties, and Earldoms may be found at the "List of Fiefs" page.

The House of Commons has the Right and Duty to take up any and all matters that its members consider Right and Proper. This wide scope of competence allows the House to review existing laws, as well as those areas where new legislation might be needed. At times, the 'Sense of the People' bills authorized by the House of Commons, have provided Her Majesty with an opportunity to correct misunderstandings of her Desires, and those of her Governor-Generals.

One of the most significant powers of the House of Commons is that it, and it alone my initiate Bills of Revenue. No tax, duty, fee, or penalty Bill can be moved by the House of Lords. The House of Commons alone can introduce a bill to change, or create a revenue item. The House of Lords, may Accept, or Reject the changes, but they can not modify them without the consent of the House of Commons. The Queen herself, can not modify a Bill of Revenue with out the consent of the House of Commons, though she can Reject them by refusing to grant the 'Royal Assent'.

The House of Lords and the House of Commons have veto authority over Bills from the other house. The House of Lords can not initiate Bills of Revenue, but retains the veto power over those bills as well. The House of Commons must initiate all Bills of Revenue.

No bill becomes law until it is approved by both Houses of Parliament, and it is granted the 'Assent' by her Majesty or the Governor-General.

The Current Speaker of the House of Commons is the Right Honourabl Alan Goudman. Speaker Goudman was selected by the House and Recognized by the Governor-General on the 21 of June 2007.

Her Majesty, Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Dominion of British West Florida, and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, has not yet granted our Petition, nor authorized this web site.