Heroes of Justice in the Dominion of British West Florida (2005)

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Order of Saint Barnabas Grand Commander's Medal OSB

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The following Officers of the Law, having given their lives in the Line of Duty are enrolled in the Order of Heroes of the Dominion of British West Florida (Justice Division) and are styled
'The Most Honourable Rank and Name, Hero of Justice'.

(For example: The Most Honourable Deputy Sheriff Howard Edward Dutton, Hero of Justice.)

The roll will be expanded as more Heroes of Justice are identified to the Register of Florida for inclusion.

Chief of Police Anthony Dwight Lucas (4 Feb 2005)
Patrolman Thomas Drumane Catchings (17 March 2005)
Sergeant Kevin Kight (27 March 2005)
Detective Terry Lee Melancon Jr. (10 August 2005)
Narcotics Investigator Brandon Douglas (Teddy) Breland (27 November 2005)
Patrol Officer Edward Odell Fite (27 November 2005)

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