Former Governor-General of British West Florida, His Grace the Duke

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His Grace was the Grand Commander of the Order of Saint Barnabas until 10 June 2007

His Grace has received the Vikslandic Order of Excellence from HSH Prince Christopher I

Throne Speech 2006
Throne Speech 2005

Robert VII His Grace, Robert VII, Duke of Florida Grand Commander of the Order of Saint Barnabas.

His Grace was born near River Junction, just over the river in East Florida. His early education was provided at home by his mother. His education stressed the learning of the classical four 'Rs', Reading, Writing, 'Rithmetic, and Rhetoric. At the age of 12, tutors were added to his educational regimen, as were Greek, Latin, and Law. His Grace was a capable student, but excelled in the mechnical sceinces under the mentoring of his father Robert VI.

His Grace was elevated to the Peerage of the Dominion upon the passing of his father, Robert VI, in 1969. He accepted the position of Governor-General in June of 1994, assuming leadership of the third restoration government. His Grace retired from active political service as Governor-General in June of 2007, but remains committed to the success of the restoration effort.

His Grace has been married four times and has four children, one of whom is a daughter.

He has traveled extensively. He spent over three years in Europe in the Armed Forices. He has also traveled the Pacific, and in the Middle East. His travels have caused His Grace, the Duke to appreciate our fair domain even more. "I have seen mountains where the snow that forms their crown never melts. I have stood on beaches of black sand on an ocean of 40 shades of blue. I have seen rivers whose names are in the Bible, flowing through the desert, bringing life along their banks. Still, I have never seen a land as fair as our green rolling hills and peaceful bayous. I have never seen beaches as beautiful as our own, sugar-fine white sand beaches on the Gulf. I have never seen a river to compare to the Mighty Mississippi that forms our western border, and carries the commerce of an Empire on its bosom, nor do I ever expect that I shall.

God has granted that we enjoy a wholesome climate, and a pleasant land. We owe it to our children, and our children's children to ensure that this estate and our freedoms be protected, against all enemies."

It is his heart's desire to have our fair land accepted into the British Commonwealth as a Sovereign Realm. In his own words: "Those of us who value our Heritage as Free Men can never forget the Debit we all owe to the British Crown. From the time of Magna Charta until today, the History of the English Crown is one of Strong Leadership for Free Subjects. Not for English men is the Rule of the Rabble, as is the case in so many Democracies; nor the Rule of the Despot, as was the case in Russia under the Tzars. We are Free Men, Loyal to the Crown. -- Free Men, Loyal to the Crown -- That is the essence of British West Florida."