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The Baroness da la Bay
Lady Windlfower is the Baroness de la Bay. The Lady Windflower is the Dominion of British West Florida's only self proclaimed Pagan member of the Peerage. She brings a distincly different perspective on cerain issues to the discussions in hte House of Lords. Her service to the people of the Dominion, regardless of their religious background reflects great credit upon her.

The Barony of the Bay is near the Eastern edge of the Dominion of British West Florida and is adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico and a series of bays. It is bordered on the west by the barony Walton, on the east by the baronies of Calhoun and Gulf, and on the north by Edward and Fayette baronies.

The warm waters created by the Gulf Stream come ashore in Panama City and are home to an abundance of exotic sea life. Six historic wrecks are offshore including the 465-ft. Empire Mica. The wrecks, combined with several offshore reef sites, provide divers and snorkelers with a wondrous adventure.

"What shall I do today?" is the question all natives or visitors to the Panama City area face each morning. The vivid emerald waters capture our imaginations and lure us with the promise of another world. Dolphins play near the shrimp boats and white sands demand that we all at least consider a nap in the sun.

The Lady Windlower's Arms are blazoned thusly:
Party per pale azure and argent two pheons in pale and two hearts in fess all countercharged. All crowned with a baron's coronet proper.

The Barony of Bay is co-extant with the County of Bay in Florida.