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The Baron and Baroness of West Feliciana David W. Bustillos is Baron of West Feliciana, this picture includes his wife Teresa.

Lord David was born in the United States. Moved to Southern Africa at the age of 6 months. He stayed on with his grandmother on her farm. He received a proper Englishman's education, until the age of 14, when the communists were given, (by outside pressure) the nation he lived in. After returning to his family home in California he continued his education. He served in the United States Marine Corps. Attended Arizona State University and Ashland University. He volunteered as a military technical Adviser to the Croatian Military Forces. He is recently married to the Lady Teresa. He enjoys Reading, Walks about in the Bush, BBQ and the odd pint. At this time, Lord David is attempting to get a degree in Military history.

About West Feliciana:
The residents of the Felicianas have always taken pride in the lasting beauty and rich history of the area. The heart of English Plantation Country, the West Feliciana Parish offers a cornucopia of quaint historic towns, abundant wildlife & floral, antique shops, challenging schools and emerging commerce. Take unsurpassed country drives and tour the grand plantation homes, in some of the most terrific countryside in the South.

Begin your quest for treasures in St. Francisville (West Feliciana Parish), where our antebellum plantations and town homes are gems. For a map, complete with mileage and directions, stop in at the West Feliciana Historical Society Museum, home of the Audubon Pilgrimage each March. From there, enjoy the Walk Through History tour that interprets over 140 structures on the National Register of Historic Places, including some of our churches: Grace Episcopal Church and Cemetery the state's second oldest Episcopal congregation, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church designed by Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard, and the United Methodist Church whose 150-year-old belfry was moved from Bayou Sara. Ferdinand Street boasts over a dozen shops filled with delightful gifts and antiques. And only minutes from "downtown" is the Locust Grove Cemetery, where the first wife of Jefferson Davis is buried. The Energy Center at the Riverbend Power Plant is a treat for visitors young and old alike. So for birding, biking, picnicking, honeymooning, or browsing art galleries, West Feliciana is the place!

Our population is 12915 people in 3392 households.

The land area is 406.0 square miles (259863 acres); the water area is 20.0 square miles (12805 acres).
West Feliciana Parish is located at latitude 30.87 degrees North, longitude 91.42 degrees West.

The Barony of West Feliciana is co-extant with the Parish of West Feliciana.