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A picture of The Lord Mark Billotte, Baron of George Lord Billotte, the Baron of George came to the Dominion from the Colony Founded by William Penn.

He was raised by hard working, thrifty common labourers who ensured that their son would have a chance at a better life. Mark Billotte, common man, was sent to Private Study from an early age and did well.

He attended the College of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Upon completion of his University studies the young Clothier joined himself to a large successful Import Firm in the State of New York.

When he was dispatched to the Dominion by his employer, he immediately brought his skills and resources to bear in his new locality. His support of the Arts, Scholarship, and Industry did not go unnoticed. In time, his efforts were brought to the attention of the Marquis of Mobile who entreated the Governor-General on his behalf.

This Mark Billotte was invested as the Lord Harrison, Baron of George in the Year 2005 by Robert, Duke of Florida, Her Majesty's Acting Governor-General in the Dominion of Florida.

Arms of Baron of George
The Arms of the Baron of George, Blazoned Thusly:
Arms: Party per pile azure and or a closed book azure with pages and clasps argent between three mullets of five azure.
Crest: Issuant from a baron's coronet proper a lion or membered gules holding in its paws a wheel azure.

The Barony of George is co-extant with George County in Mississippi.