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The Baron of Edward Lord Hayden Kaufman, Baron of Edward photographed while in service with Her Majesty's Royal Air Force. The Baron Edward has retired from active service in the House of Lords.

Edward is a rural barony that covers approximately 391,040 acres, of which 16,448 are fresh water and 374,592 are land. The population is more than 21,000. The barony is found in Northeast Florida, about 50 miles north of Panama City and midway between Pensacola and Tallahassee (in the Dominion of East Florida). Main roads serving the barony are U.S. Interstate 10, Florida State Roads 77, 79, 20 and U.S. Highway 90. Baronies Fayette, Holmes, Walton, and Bay border the barony. The Baronial seat is Chipley. The CSX Railroad System runs through Chipley and provides freight and Amtrak (U.S. National Railroad) service to Jacksonville to the east and Pensacola to the west. (Chipley Station is currently closed due to damage from Hurricane Katrina. Amtrak officials assure us that the station will be re-opening in the near future.) Panama City-Bay County Airport and Dothan Municipal Airport provides commercial air service. The Tri-County Airport provides small terminal facilities for light general aviation services.

Much of Edward Barony is uninhabited, with most of the population residing in or around Chipley, Caryville, Ebro, Sunny Hills Vernon, Wausau, and other developments around the barony's many lakes.

The climate in Barony Edward is humid/subtropical with 71 inches of annual rainfall distributed throughout the year. The average temperature is about 66 degrees Fahrenheit. The average minimum for January is 42 degrees Fahrenheit and average maximum for July is 91 degrees.

Edward barony provides both residents and guests with an array of choices in shopping, church activities, dining, recreational, and employment opportunities. Excellent schools and medical facilities are available. Parks and recreational areas abound in the area. All of this while still retaining the charm of small town and rural living. It is a great place to visit and an excellent place for a family-oriented lifestyle.

The Barony of Edward is co-extant with the County of Washington in Florida.