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While other areas in the Dominion of British West Florida have seen uncontrolled growth, and Interstates that have ripped up native ecosystems and laid down miles of strip malls and concrete, created over commercialized, artificial environmental vacation spots, our area has been fortunately overlooked. Come and see what we have to offer. The underlined sections are links for further information.

For thousands of years, American Indianss considered the lands of the Apalachicola area unique. And it still is! Our home is filled with clear springs, creeks, rivers, and vast forest which provides an abundance of wild game, fish, mollusk, tupelo honey, maize and many native fruits and vegetables.

The biological rich Apalachicola River Basin is home to at least 127 rare species of plants and animals and 45 of Florida's 62 native habitats. The flora is best seen at the Nature Conservancy and Torreya State Park. Here you can hike up to the bluffs over looking the river 135 feet below. The fauna can be seen at the Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary.
You don?t have to listen to what your father and grandfather told you about the ?old days?. You can come and see for yourself at the Clay Mary Historical Park and Panhandle Pioneer Settlement and while you?re at the Settlement catch scenes from Florida's Folk-like play Cross Ties. There you will see how ?tied? our communities are to each other.

If you like canoeing try paddling down the clear, dark, spring fed waters of the Chipola River State Canoe Trail (requires acrobat reader). Scotts Ferry General Store & Camp Grounds or Bearpaw Canoe Rentals or any of the locals will be glad to help out if you forgot your boat.

For the history buffs we have several places of significant interest. The M & B Railroad Memorial celebrates the contributions of the ?iron horse? to our ancestors. Come see the Old Courthouse, which was built in 1904 in the Romanesque Revival style.

The Barony of Calhoun is co-extant with the County of Calhoun in Florida.