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The Baron has received the Vikeslandic Order of Honor from HSH Prince Christopher I

Coat of Arms Purchase Dominion Postage for use in the United States of America

A picture of The Lord Bo, Baron Von Servers The Lord Bo, Baron Von Servers is Lord and Governor of Fayette, the eastern most Barony. The Fishing and Timber of his Barony is justly famous. The Baron is currently reviewing plans to expand the Tourist Trade. The idea for a Natural Wonders Scenic Railway is in the 'Exploration Phase'. Concerns for the preservation of the area's natural vista's, and support for local customs weigh heavily in any decision the Baron makes.

A picture of Von Servers ArmsThe Lord Bo, Baron Von Servers is Chair and Head of the Lord's Select Committee on Stationary and Seals. In this position, he guides the selection process for all Official Papers, Publishers, Mints, and Engravers. The new "Jubilee Edition" of the Postage Stamps are the result of his careful work. The Jubilee Postage Stamps are well know for their faithfulness to Her Majesty's Image, and their use of local Scenic Vistas for backgrounds. The Lord Bo Register, Baron Von Serves may be reached by email at baronvonservers at yahoo.com, or bwf_bvs at dbwf.net He may also be reached by telephone at area code nine-oh-four and number eight-six-four six-six-oh-one.

The Baron Von Servers is a dedicated servant of Our Lord Jesus the Christ, and is pleased to make a copy of the New Testament in Greek (Stephanus) available in pdf format. The file is moderately big at over 3MB, please be patient when downloading, or opening the file in your browser.

On 19 March 2007 the Governor-General, in the name of Her Majesty the Queen created Bo Register the Marquess of Mobile (second creation).

The Barony Fayette is co-extant with the county of Jackson, Florida, USA