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Press Releases from the Office of the Governor-General

29 November 2005
Robert, Duke of Florida, Governor-General:

I come today to again express sympathies to those who have lost loved ones due to cowardly attacks of terrorists. The people of Bangladesh are the most recent victums of those who would supplant the Rule of Law. We express are support for the Rule of Law and the Lawful Government of Bangladesh.

The people of the Dominion of British West Florida are dismayed and sorrowed by this attack on the very symbols of Justice, the Main Court Buildings, and the loss of Life that accompanied it.

May God grant Comfort to those who mourn, here and in Bangladesh.


23 November 2005
Robert, Duke of Florida, Governor-General:

I send greetings to all those commemorating the second anniversary of the Rose Revolution.

Freedom is the longing of the soul and the permanent hope of mankind. Two years ago, the desire for liberty inspired thousands of Georgian citizens to reclaim their sovereignty and complete the journey to independence first begun in 1989 during the last days of the Soviet Empire. These brave men and women armed only with roses and the power of their convictions, stood up to claim liberty in their own country. Their actions began the Rose Revolution, inspiring those who believe in freedom around the world.

The Dominion of British West Florida is committed to supporting Self-Rule and the Rule of Law in Georgia and around the globe. I join in honouring the valiant Georgians who stood up against oppression and defended the right of all to be free. Your courage is an inspiration to those aspiring for freedom in their own land.

May God bless Georgia and the Dominion of British West Florida.


17 November 2005
Robert, Duke of FLorida, Governor-General:

To those pleased by Australia's succcess in quailifing for the 2006 Soccer World Cup, greetings.

We are pleased and proud of the Socceroos. We are glad to share in the happiness of a fellow Commonwealth Realm. The game was intense, and the victory sweet. To often we let the drudgery of the world wear us down. Moments like this are times for us to reflect on all that is still right in the world.

God Save the Queen, and our Commonwealth.


10 November 2005
Robert, Duke of Florida, Governor-General:

I have come today to express our heartfelt sympathies for the people of Jordan, and for the families who are grieving today because of the murder of innocent people.

This enemy, who killed innocent women and childre, fellow Muslims, must be defeated. They have no heart, and no conscience.

We ask for God's blessings on the people of Jordan.


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