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What is the Dominion of British West Florida?

The Dominion of British West Florida is the lawful government of the former British Colony of British West Florida. As an unrecognized Sovereign Nation, the Government of British West Florida functions as a Service Organization organized as a Government. The structure of the Dominion of British West Florida is provided by its Constitution.

The Dominion of British West Florida has three goals, 1) Education, 2) Action, 3) Recognition.

1 Educate: We want to Educate the People about the history of the former British Colony of West Florida. Many people who live here don't even know that both of the Florida Colonies (East and West Florida) remained loyal to the Crown during the War of the American Rebellion (1775-1783). We also want to make the citizens aware that having Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second as our Queen doesn't make us 'British Citizens', any more than it does for New Zealand, or Belize (British Honduras). We want to make people aware of the benefits of a Constitutional Monarchy, life under God and Crown.

2) Action: We have set up a provisional Government, we have a House of Lords that actively debates legislation, and has passed several bills to restore the sanctity of Marriage, recognize the Rights of Children, and make English the Official Language. We also actively support the Katrina Recovery Effort, and have established a Royal Military Academy.

3) Recognition: The Dominion is striving to be recognized by its citizens as an alternative government, and by the world at large as a Soveriegn Realm in the Commonwealth of Nations.

What is expected of people who join (become Citizens)?

The Dominion of British West Florida subscribes to the Marianna Declaration of the Duties of Man. In addition to these universial Duties, the Citizens, and Nobility of the Dominion of British West Florida are expected to show genuine Christian love for their neighbors and fellow citizens. This includes:
1) Prayer and supplications to God the Father for one another and the Dominion.
2) Hands-on help when and where possible.
3) Exhortation and Admonishment to greater love, action, and achievements.
4) Active participation on the Dominion Forums is highly encouraged.

How does one join, or become a citizen of the Dominion of British West Florida?

There are two (2) methods of becoming a citizen of the Dominion:
1) Click on the 'become a citizen' link
2) Register at the Dominion Forum.

What happens after I become a Citizen?

You will get an email reminding you of the Service nature of the Dominion, and asking you to identify any areas that especially interest you in the Dominion. Based on your reply to that email, and the needs of the Dominion, you will be assigned a place of service and a Title.

Does being a Citizen cost anything?

Citizens are expected to Pray, Help, and Advise. There is no monetary cost associated with being a Citizen.

Is the Dominion a Role-Playing Game?

In some ways it could be considered to be one. But if you think of the Dominion of British West Florida as a role-playing game, it is a game that the players take very seriously. Everyone in the Dominion is expected to ?play the role? of a Gentleman or Lady of the Dominion, exercising great care for those entrusted to them. The members of the House of Lords are expected to act as such, and lead by example, just as Her Majesty the Queen does.

Could the Dominion of British West Florida be considered Seditious or Treasonous?

NO and here are seven reasons why it is not.
1) The Postulation of Rights is never Seditious nor Treasonous.
2) The Dominion of British West Florida specifically and categorically disavows the use of Force to obtain its ends. Thus, the claim of Treason is by its nature void (The charge of Treason requires that Aid and Comfort be given to the Enemy in a time of War).
3) The government which occupies and claims the territory of the Dominion of British West Florida (The United States of America) has a long tradition of encouraging the free expression of Ideas, even those that are at odds with the stated purposes of the Establishment. This Organization remains within the rights recognized under the 'free press' amendments to the United States Constitution, and the Constitution of the Dominion of British West Florida.
4) The Dominion of British West Florida bases its claims to Independent Sovereignty on Historical Facts. The publishing of facts can never be considered Seditious, even under the expired (in 1801) Sedition Acts of the United States Congress. A defense of 'truthfulness' has always been recognized in both United States and Dominion Courts.
5) Several Officers of the United States Government, including two recent Presidents (Reagan and G.H.W. Bush) have accepted Knighthoods from Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, proving that Allegiance to Her Majesty does not conflict with Allegiance to the United States of America.
6) The goal of Dominion Status would make the Dominion a Sovereign Nation within the territory of the United States, on par with the Indian Nations. American Indians have been among the most decorated War Veterans to ever serve in the United States of America's Armed Forces. The Dominion does not seek to restore 'British Sovereignty', rather it seeks to restore the Native Sovereignty of the People within the British Commonwealth.
7) The reforms and actions suggested by the Dominion are much less radical and violent than those undertaken by the 'Founding Fathers'. We are making it as plain as possible that the Dominion will not accept the use of Force against the United States.

Does the Dominion advocate the use of Force?

Force can only be used in self-defense, or in the defense of others. The Dominion does not advocate, support, nor tolerate the use of force by private citizens for any other reason.

Would the Dominion support an armed insurrection to return it to power?

No. The Dominion is striving for recognition by lawful means. The use of force to overthrow a government is counter to the plain instructions of St. Paul in the book of Romans, chapter 13.

What do you do with the money you get from the sale of Dominion Articles?

All profits received by the Dominion from the sales of items on the web site are given to the Katrina Relief Efforts.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth IIHer Majesty, Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Dominion of British West Florida, and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, has not yet granted our Petition, nor authorized this web site.